Miss Mallard

The Miss Mallard Mysteries Animated Film series based on Robert Quackenbush’s Miss Mallard mysteries, were produced by Cinar in co-production with Shanghai Animated Film Studios (Copyright 2000, 2001) are now owned and distributed by DHX Media. They are being shown in 70 countries around the globe in five languages.

In France, where the films are being shown on prime time television, Miss Mallard is the subject of essays by university students and the toast of Paris. In China, Miss Mallard is the beloved duck of 25,000,000 children. There are 26 episodes. Running time is 30 minutes each.


Many people have recorded themselves reading Robert’s and posted on YouTube!

Robert Quackenbush Interview

Robert’s interview in China: Robert Quackenbush talks about his books and how they were done in this interview from China with Joyce Liang:

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Thank you so much for the great opportunity to talk with you. I added both English and Mandarin subtitles, hopefully more fans are able to view it and know more about Miss Mallard. I hope many people can discover this video, love this video, and rush to buy your wonderful books. I know I will!

Thank you,
Joyce Liang

Dear Mr. Quackenbush

This is the pilot for a TV show that was tentatively titled Dear Mr. Quackenbush.

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