Piet Potter

Piet Potter’s First Case

Amazing boy detective Piet and his friend Amy track down clues that lead to the solution of elevator tie-ups and crime.

Piet Potter to the Rescue

Amazing boy detective Piet Potter races against time to save a public event from ruin, although he has only a series of mysterious phone calls as clues.

Piet Potter’s Hot Clue

While attending an off-off Broadway opening, amazing boy detective Piet Potter is called upon to investigate the mysterious disappearance of one of the show’s leading players.

Piet Potter on the Run

A mysterious envelope, mistakenly placed in his motel pool locker, launches amazing boy detective Piet Potter on a chase across Manhattan which ends at the United Nations.

Piet Potter Returns

Potter, the amazing boy private eye, learns that someone has been tampering with the elevators in his building on New York’s Upper East Side. It could be the same person who has been causing mischief in the neighborhood park. With his new friend Amy, who writes a newspaper for the tenants of the building, Piet sets to work on the case and uncovers some surprising evidence.

Piet Potter Strikes Again

Once again, Piet (rhymes with neat) Potter, the amazing boy private eye, is called upon to solve a difficult case right in the building where he lives on New York City’s Upper East Side. This time he has to find out who is trying to sabotage the birthday party of one of the high rise’s residents. There are three suspects, all of whom have it in for the birthday girl, Rachael, but with Piet’s cool sleuthing, the case is brought to a swift close with surprising results.

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