First Grade Jitters

Here is the story of a young boy who is about to enter first grade and doesn’t know quite what to expect. Will his friends be there? Will he have to know how to read and spell? What if he can’t understand anything his teacher says?

The Bill Martin Jr Big Book of Poetry

Years in the making, this full-color treasury contains nearly two hundred poems, all of them handpicked by Bill Martin Jr. Traditional children’s poems are presented alongside contemporary pieces, and the collection is capped off with tributes by Eric Carle and Steven Kellogg, two of Bill Martin Jr’s best-known collaborators

Animal Cracks, 1975

Seven brief fables provide humorous explanations for well-known proverbs about animals.

Batbaby, 1997

On his first solo flight, Batbaby gets caught in a rainstorm, is blown into Squirrel’s tree, and gets into all sorts of trouble before he finally falls asleep. In the morning Batbaby returns home where he must go to bed again! With a sweet surprise ending, this is a story that kids will enjoy for both its humor and the energetic artwork that is a new direction for this veteran author/illustrator.

Batbaby Finds a Home, 2001

Batbaby and his family have just lost their home to a bulldozer! Desperate to find a new place to live, they set out into the night. But every place they go is either too loud or too unsafe. So where do Batbaby and his family end up? In a bat house made by people! Nonfiction facts follow the simple text.

Chuck Lends a Paw, 1989

Chuck Mouse helps his friend, Maxine, move a tall chest of drawers with disastrous results.

City Trucks, 1981

Features the various trucks which are part of a city’s maintenance and transportation systems.

Daughter of Liberty: A True Story of the American Revolution, 1999

A chance encounter with General George Washington in upstate New York during the Revolutionary War leads a young woman to volunteer for a dangerous mission involving the retrieval of valuable papers

Funny Bunnies, 1984

While little Lucy is out for a swim, various bunnies from the staff crowd into her family’s hotel room.

Funny Bunnies on the Run, 1989

When the lights go out at home, the Bunny family flips every switch with no success until the power returns and the bunnies find themselves in trouble when all the appliances go on at once.

Investigator Ketchem’s Crime Book, 1984

The reader matches wits with Investigator Ketchem by trying to deduce how he solves these twenty one-page mysteries.

I Don’t Want to Go, I Don’t Know How to Act, 1983

Because he doesn’t know how to act, a young koala doesn’t like to go to fancy restaurants and parties with his parents.

Mouse Feathers, 1988

While Maxine Mouse babysits her two nephews, a pillow fight gets out of control and the nephews come down with bad cases of “Mouse Feathers.”

Movie Monsters and Their Masters: The Birth of the Horror Film, 1980

Text and illustrations trace the history of monster movies and horror films from early silent films through the first sound movies.

Mr. Snow Bunting’s Secret

The mysterious Mr. Snow Bunting’s secret method for wrapping gifts charms the town and arouses the jealous suspicions of Mr. Dog.

No Mouse for Me, 1981

Explains how a pet mouse could ruin a house.

Robert Quackenbush’s Treasury of Humor, 1990

A compilation of stories, jokes, songs, riddles, poems, limericks, and other humorous material by Quackenbush; and a couple of offerings by Carroll and Lear.

The Boy Who Waited for Santa Claus, 1981

Dirk’s vigil for Santa Claus begins when his family returns from summer vacation.

The Holiday Song Book, 1977

Includes 100 songs for celebrating twenty-seven different holidays.

The Most Welcome Visitor, 1978

Fred Horny Toad endures visiting relatives all year long, but on Christmas Day, after the visit of Santa Claus, the relatives are all anxious to leave.

There’ll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight: The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 Told with Songs and Pictures, 1974

Illustrations accompany the verses of the folksong describing the Chicago fire. Includes the music and information on fire safety.

Who Threw That Pie?: The Birth of Movie Comedy, 1979

Text and illustrations trace the history of silent film comedy focusing on such stars as Charlie Chaplin and Ben Turpin.

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