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Miss Mallard

Dig to Disaster

A terrifying headless demon threatens an archaeological expedition in the jungles of South America in this Miss Mallard Mystery. Bestselling...

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Flamenco to Mischief

While on holiday in sunny Spain to attend a flamenco festival, Miss Mallard, the world-famous ducktective, and her nephew Willard...

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Gondola to Danger

Miss Mallard finds herself chasing a stolen masterpiece through Venice’s maze of canals while attending an opera festival.

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Rickshaw to Horror

When Miss Mallard visits Hong Kong, she encounters Marshall Gadwall, a retired English military duck, who seems to have the...

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Stairway to Doom

Miss Mallard is travelling to Scotland’s Duckinbill Castle for a family reunion. During the reading of a will, family members...

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Surfboard to Peril

While surfing in Hawaii, Miss Mallard launches into one of her most dangerous cases—one which involves the ownership of sacred...

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Taxi to Intrigue

While visiting London, Miss Mallard finds secret plans meant for spies! What will she do with the super-secret information?

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Henry Goes West

Henry the Duck sure gets himself into some sticky situations! When he finally goes out to the wild, wild West...

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Henry Babysits

Henry the Duck is a very good neighbor. Even though he has never babysat, when his friend Clara asks him...

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Henry’s Pizzas

Happy Birthday, Henry! Everyone from his mother to his aunt, to his cousins and his brothers send him delicious, mouth-watering...

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Sherlock Chick