Detective Mole

Detective Mole and the Secret Clues, 1977

The doors of rich Uncle Ebenezer’s mansion will remain locked unless bumbling Detective Mole can figure out the meanings of the secret clues

Detective Mole and the Tip-Top Mystery, 1978

Detective Mole uncovers more than the crooks when Mr. and Mrs. Goat call him in to investigate the troubles in their 200-year-old Tip Top Inn

Detective Mole and the Seashore Mystery, 1979

With cool-headed logic, Detective Mole tracks down the robber of Captain Bill’s valuable pearl.

Detective Mole and the Circus Mystery, 1980

When Melba the Amazing Tattooed Cow disappears from the circus on her wedding day, Detective Mole is called to solve the mystery.

Detective Mole and the Halloween Mystery, 1981

The intrepid Detective Mole is called in to investigate when the jack-o’lanterns from every porch in the town are stolen.

Detective Mole and the Haunted Castle Mystery, 1985

Detective Mole investigates the mystery of hidden treasure, strange noises, and disappearing guests at the castle of the Rabbit family

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