Out-of-Print Books

Miss Mallard’s Case Book

Join Miss Mallard, the world-famous ducketective, and her nephew Willard Widgeon of the Swiss police, as they track down crooks from Hollywood to Prague and even on a spaceship in outer space.

Mishap in Kaiserslautern
While on a speaking tour at military bases in Kaiserslautern district of Southern Germany, Miss Mallard the world-famous ducktective, and her nephew, Willard Widgeon of the Swiss Police, become involved in a new mystery.

Danger in Tibet

The famous ducktective investigates the disappearance of her nephew, inspector Willard Widgeon, during a secret mission in the Himalayas, and uncovers a plot that could destroy Mt. Everest!

Evil Under the Sea

Jacques Canard, noted undersea explorer, asks Miss Mallard to help discover who is destroying the coral in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Lost in the Amazon

When a brilliant scientist is abducted from a hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Miss Mallard, the famous ducktective, embarks on a dangerous search that takes her deep into the Amazon jungle.

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