Animal Town

Calling Doctor Quack

Dr. Quack treats the complaints of the pond community residents, all of which can be traced to the strange behavior of Mr. Snapping Turtle.

Detective Mole

Detective Mole finds solutions to other animals’ mysteries in five easy-to-read stories.

Moose’s Store

When his farm gets too crowded and noisy, the old farmer seeks a wife to help him. Illustrated version of an old folk song.

Pete Pack Rat

When the villainous Gizzard Coyote comes to Pebble Junction he strikes terror in the hearts of the animal inhabitants–but Pete Pack Rat works out a plan.

Pete Pack Rat and the Gila Monster Gang

The Gila Monster Gang robs the Pebble Junction bank and kidnaps Sheriff Sally Gopher, but Pete Pack Rat’s ingenuity saves the day.

Pete Pack Rat’s Christmas Eve Surprise, 1981

Pete Pack Rat must act quickly to save Pebble Junction’s Christmas Eve celebrations when the Gila Monster Gang escapes from jail and steals the Christmas pinata

Sheriff Sally Gopher and the Haunted Dance Hall

Sheriff Sally Gopher solves the mystery of the haunted dance hall in time for a special performance by the famous dancer, Miss Annie Field Mouse.

Sheriff Sally Gopher and the Thanksgiving Caper, 1982

An election is held at Pebble Junction to see whether a turkey, a vulture, or a duck should reign as the Thanksgiving symbol.

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Pete Pack Rat 3