Robert Quackenbush

Author. Artist. Educator

Robert Quackenbush

Author. Artist. Educator

Meet the Characters

The Books

Miss Mallard. Henry the Duck. Sherlock Chick. The characters who have captured generations of kids – they’re all here!

Robert Quackenbush Art - Portrait of Robert's Grandson

The Art

Robert Quackenbush was a versatile artist, working with many media – and not just for kids.


Find the beloved Miss Mallard TV series here, as well as interviews with Robert Quackenbush and some great read-alouds!

Available Art

Robert Quackenbush left a rich legacy in art. Some of his original works are still available to beautify your home.


Find stories about Robert Quackenbush’s inspirations, about Robert, and about the vibrant world he explored so avidly.

There are over 200 books in the Quackenbush library!

While Simon & Schuster has re-issued some of Robert’s most beloved titles, many more are hard-to-find or out-of-print. We’ve got a few resources to help you find that book you’re looking for!