Robert Quackenbush Library and School Visits

Robert Quackenbush, author / illustrator of over 200 books for children, offers on-site chalk-talk lectures about his work, during which he will draw his book characters, describe how he writes and illustrates his books, talk about where he gets ideas for his books, answer questions, and invite audience participation.

While the author/artist can speak to audiences of all ages, his school and library programs are generally presented to kindergarten through fifth or sixth grade audiences. For lower grades (kindergarten and first grade), half-hour programs have been the norm, while longer programs of forty minutes duration are given to the upper grades. The goal of each version of the program, however, is the same in each case: both to instill a love of books and reading and to encourage audience members to write and illustrate their own stories.

Usually, two programs will be presented in the morning and two more in the afternoon, with time allotted for book autographing. If books are to be ordered for a program, it is suggested that these be ordered at least four to six weeks in advance in order to ensure that they will arrive in time for the presentation. For the program to be an optimal experience, audiences should already be familiar with the author/artist’s books.

Equipment required for each presentation includes the following: an easel; large sheets of drawing paper (about 18" x 24" is suggested); markers; a VCR and TV monitor; a carousel-type slide projector; and a movie screen. A microphone may also be necessary, especially where an audience is large and acoustics are poor.

NEW! SKYPE visits with Robert! One half to one hour visits for classrooms and individuals may be scheduled at:

Quackenbush also offers hands-on workshops on writing and illustrating books for young readers; however, these are usually planned for longer author-in-residence programs, and are geared toward an adult audience.

Some reactions to Quackenbush’s presentation at a recent "Fact Meets Fiction" library visit ensue:

"Fantastic speaker! Excellent literature!"

"Enjoyed seeing the variety of art techniques used in his illustrations."

"Wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed his talk…"

"He was incredibly inspirational. I don’t think he’s wasted one minute of his life.
He keeps moving and growing - it was great to hear him. I’ll definitely recommend using more of his books to my son’s school."


Photo: DANIEL GILES, Times Daily

For further information, including schedules and fees, contact Robert Quackenbush at

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